Welcome to Navajo Transit System

The Navajo Transit System's services and priorities are providing safe and reliable public transportation for the Navajo Nation. This is achieved through improving the quality of life for all citizens for the Navajo Nation by increasing the accessibility to services and resources of the public and private sectors, particularly in meeting the needs of health care, education, employment, recreation, entertainment and shopping.

Navajo Transit System (NTS) is a department under the Division of General Services within the Navajo Nation Government and is funded primarily through the New Mexico and Arizona Departments of Transportation. NTS administers and operates inter-city route transportation services for the general public.
The Navajo Transit System (NTS) provides public transportation services to 41 chapters out of 110 Navajo Chapter communities; many routes operate along state highway. NTS buses pick up passengers at designated stops.
The demand for services exceeds the number of buses and routes because the Navajo Nation occupies a substantial land area with a large population, long driving distances between destinations. With the limited number of routes available now, and the confinements of buses to major highways, many people who want services are not able to reach locations where buses normally pick up passengers.

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